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This import business is a result of friends' encouragement to continue bringing back some more exotic finds from my annual Asian travels.

In 1994, I started traveling to Thailand annually to continue my bodywork education by studying Thai massage from the Thai Masters.  After the first visit I discovered Bali on a brief side trip.  Subsequently, I would sneak off to Bali each year to buy more goodies and delight my friends.  Buying off the rack soon proved routine and confining, and what slowly evolved was a designing mission for more original styles, fabric motifs, and more sensible sizing to fit some REAL bodies.  I just couldn't help myself.  Currently I could be described more like an addict/junkie, buying up fabric with reckless abandon.  The beautiful hand done batiks offered in Bali are just too irresistible, so I made an attempt to impersonate a designer.  I now offer pieces that you are unlikely to spot anywhere else online or in the mall.

These "artful threads" in my collection will appeal to people who are drawn to more flowing colorful simple clothes... happy clothes that move... garments that drape well.  Rayon does that, you know.  There are mass quantities of form fitting plainer clothing out there, so I specialize in comfort clothes... clothes you could hide in after a big meal.   My customers wear things that will cause folks on the street to come up and ask, "Where did you get that??"

Sourcing a business of designing and selling imported clothing and jewelry was never even on my list.  How fun to recreate oneself.

I now have a well stocked boutique that is outgrowing my home.

And the jewelry designing.  What fun to have discovered in Bali that artsy silver jewelry could be recreated to my liking and found a silversmith to bring my ideas to fruition.  Becoming a jewelry designer sounded kind of cool to me - I guess one who designs jewelry IS a jewelry designer, yes?  It began with drawing a design idea on my cocktail napkin underneath a Margarita... now I have more ideas than my silversmith has time!!  Make that silversmiths, plural.  But none of them know about each other.  Shhhh...

My prices remain well below what you might expect from retail shopping.  There is no middleman, only this middle woman!

So this massage therapist of 27 years morphed into designer and is now sharing her collection from her Meridian Kessler home boutique.


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